29 Nov 2016 - 29 Nov 2016

Barcelona | Cultural Mobility Seminar

salmonfest A short cultural mobility seminar will be held at Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona on 29 November (16h - 20h). MOBILITY IN PROCESS/ MOBILITY IS PROCESS with Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio is part of SÂLMON< FEST. A meeting, two starting points and a series of conversations and viewpoints shared by artists and cultural professionals which ends up with an analysis of the various aspects of contemporary mobility. ______ Mobility in process Mobility in the art and culture sector is doing well at the moment. Where did it come from? Which way is it going? What are its processes, advantages, disadvantages and needs? A constellation of actors, models and strategies – from individuals to groups, from Latin America to Asia – draw up a complex, constantly evolving map of mobility, which is characterized by a change of paradigm in terms of creativity, communication and ways of working and collaborating on the current artistic and cultural scene. And in addition to its creative transcendence and capacity, mobility has a political, economic and social facet of cooperation that involves very heterogeneous agents united by the question of internationalization. After so much movement and displacement there is a need for a meeting point and a breathing space to examine and assess this procedure and path followed by contemporary mobility. ______ Mobility is process Understanding mobility from another standpoint, stepping away from theory, from filling in forms and reports, from the end result. Appreciating and admiring mobility through practice; thinking about and analysing mobility as a process, vision and experience going beyond the work, the result, the production, the object to be presented. Joint creative practices, processes of transformation, inspiration, new learning, shared paths, obstacles to overcome, imagined connections, future projects and the emergence of mobile maps which generate networks of affection, knowledge and cooperation… these are some of the key concepts of this session. In short: what matters is the journey, not the destination.

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