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18 Dec 2012

Bangladesh, Norway and Switzerland join ASEM

None is now carrying news, opportunities and events involving Asia-Europe collaboration and cultural engagement from Bangladesh, Norway and Switzerland, which have recently joined ASEM.

Bangladesh, Norway and Switzerland officially joined the ASEM political dialogue process during the enlargement ceremony held at the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting Summit (ASEM9) in Vientiane (5-6 November 2012).  This brings the total number of ASEM members to 51 partners. ASEF Executive Director, Ambassador ZHANG Yan, was present at the Summit during this ceremony.

Representing the three countries' entry into ASEM at the Summit were Bangladesh Prime Minister H.E. Mrs Sheikh Hasina; Norway Prime Minister H.E. Mr Jens Stoltenberg; and Swiss President H.E. Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf.

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is delighted to welcome the new members, which also become ASEF members, on board. is also delighted to enlarge our coverage of Asia-Europe cultural collaboration and engagement. We will be updating our database of organisations in these countries in 2013 and welcome contributions of relevant events, news and opportunities.

You can contribute Asia-Europe cultural content involving ASEM members through the website, the community, on Twitter and Facebook.