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12 Aug 2010

Asia-Pacific and Europe:Goethe pioneers dance site

"tanzconnexions" a  website pioneered by the Goethe Institute provides choreographers, dancers and dance enthusiasts with a wealth of information on contemporary dance in the Asia-Pacific region and the European-influenced German dance scene.  
This website accompanies and documents the activities of tanzconnexions – a joint project of Goethe-Instituts in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam running from 2008 until 2010.  tanzconnexions seeks to shed light on local artists, working methods and infrastructure in the fields of dance and choreography in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.  The website’s continually updated pool of information features portraits and contact details of important choreographers, stages, support programmes and institutions throughout Europe and the Asian-Pacific region.  
In the  Magazine, artists, journalists, and dance scholars offer their personal perspectives on dance and insight into its development, practice, context, and social-standing in the participating countries.  Choreographers, dancers, and academics working or travelling in the Asia-Pacific region share their impressions, observations, and reflections on the Blog.  
As a virtual space for communication the Forum lies in the hands of its users. The space is expected to be filled with questions, ideas, and stimulating debates relevant to a diverse range of dance scenes and choreographic practices.  Events provides an overview of past, present, and future co-productions, guest performances, festivals and workshops staged in association with tanzconnexions.  
The tanzconnexions network is not based on the presupposition of an aesthetic correspondence among the culturally, economically and choreographically diverse countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The various activities organized in association with tanzconnexions aim to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences as a prerequisite for developing and deepening discussion of the diverse traditions and concepts of dance and choreography.  

Source: Goethe Institut