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22 Nov 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Asia-Europe Cultural Festival: 2021 | Sahaka Playground

A group exhibition featuring visual artists from Asia and Europe

Visual arts exhibit
22 November - 31 December 2021
National Museum of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

22 - 26 November 2021

A collective exhibition of three Asian and three European visual artists based in Phnom Penh will collaborate (sahaka in Khmer language) with each other towards a cross-cultural experimental playground creating a total of nine unpredictable pieces. Each artist will be given the freedom to play or have their artwork played by another artist from the opposite continent, with different art fields and mediums being crossed and explored.   

These unforeseeable outcomes will manifest the dialogues and the relationship built between the artists from the two continents, six different countries, and beyond all the boundaries — the only common denominator is, we are all creators based in the Kingdom of Wonders. 

Considering the focus is on the collaboration process and mix of different perspectives, visual documentation of the shared explorations will also be exhibited such as photos, sketches and videos from the brainstorming sessions.  


Rena Chheang (Cambodia)

Syahrulfikri Salleh (Malaysia)  

Lolli Park (South Korea)  

Miguel Lopes Jeronimo (Portugal)  

Adana Mam-Legros (France/Cambodia)  

Srdan Ilic (Serbia) 

The event is part of Asia-Europe Cultural Festival 2022, CLICK HERE for the full programme.