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19 Sep 2016

ASEF supports panel on culture and international relations | 7th World Summit on Art & Culture



Soft power and the role of culture in public diplomacy can be observed in different contexts: from promoting connectivity and balanced exchanges of cultural goods and services, and arguing for the role of culture in development policies, to promoting the value of intercultural dialogue in addressing challenges around migration, and dealing with terrorism and other global instabilities.
Do artistic and cultural interests drive this agenda, or are the arts and culture being instrumentalised to achieve other goals? Moreover, is it possible to find a balance?

These questions will be discussed at the ASEF supported panel discussion on 19th October, 4:00 PM, at the 7th World Summit on Art & Culture  in Valletta, Malta. The Summit runs from 18-21 October 2016.

ASEF regularly organises policy panels on cultural policy issues of common interest and mutual relevance for Asia and Europe at major arts and culture events. The parallel session in Malta is part of this ongoing series of conversations. The 1st ASEF Policy Panel took place at the 6th ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM CMM6) (October 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands) & the 2nd ASEF Policy Panel was held at the 7th ASEM CMM (June 2016, Gwangju, Korea).

Speakers include:

Special Government Advisor and Deputy Head of Cultural Exports and Exchange Unit at the Ministry of Education and Culture (Finland)

KOK Heng Leun
Nominated Member of Parliament, Artistic Director, Drama Box (Singapore)

Isabelle SCHWARZ
Head of Advocacy, Research & Development and Knowledge Management, European Cultural Foundation (Netherlands)

Moderated by:
Anupama SEKHAR
Director, Culture Department, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) (Singapore)

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