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22 Jun 2016 - 22 Jun 2016

ASEF Policy Panel at the 7th ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meeting | Report published

What future for information & communications technology (ICT) within the creative economy? Traditional cultural heritage & the creative economy: shall the twain meet? What are areas of common interest for Asia-Europe co-operation in the creative industries? 
These questions are high on the agenda of Asian and European Culture Ministers who are meeting at the 7th Asia-Europe Culture Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM CMM7; 22-24 June 2016, Gwangju, Korea), organised in the framework of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). To channel civil society inputs into this Ministerial meeting, ASEF has organised a panel discussion: Culture and the Creative Economy: What Opportunities for Asia-Europe Exchange and Collaboration? (22 June 2016, Gwangju, Korea), alongside the 2nd Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) of ASEM CMM7.  Key messages from the panel discussion on 22 June will be presented to ASEM Culture Ministers on 24 June. As the only permanent institution of ASEM, ASEF has an important function in connecting the views and concerns of civil society in Asia and Europe with reflections at the ASEM level. Read the full report of the Panel here: ASEF Panel-Report-220616 Panellists included:
  •          Dr. Amareswar GALLA, Executive Director, International Institute for the Inclusive Museum
  •          Ossi LUOTO, CEO, Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions (EARS)
  •          Jérémy SEGAY, Specialist in Asian cinema & Audio-visual Attaché, Bureau Français
Find here the Concept Note and Programme: ASEFpolicypanel-CMM7 Follow the conversation at:   ASEF attends the biennial ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meetings (ASEM CMMs) and closely follows the discussions at these Ministerial meetings. Further, ASEF facilitates dialogue between civil experts and government officials on topics of mutual interest inspired by ASEM's cultural agenda. These dialogues take the form of ASEF Public Forums & ASEF Cultural Policy Panels. The 1st ASEF Cultural Policy Panel was organised at the 6th ASEM Culture Ministers’ Meeting (20 October 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands). Read more about ASEF’s work in cultural policy research & dialogue at:  000_Email Banner