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28 Mar 2024

ASEF LinkUp | Asia-Europe Cultural Diplomacy Lab 2024 | Prague

ASEF LinkUp | Asia-Europe Cultural Diplomacy Lab 2024 | Prague

ASEF through its arts and culture website, and the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) are delighted to announce a new partnership for the organisation of the second edition of ASEF LinkUp | Asia-Europe Cultural Diplomacy Lab. Taking place from 10 to 13 June 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic. ASEF LinkUp will serve as a meeting point for 20 selected participants from the cultural and government sectors to synergise knowledge and methodologies from Asia and Europe, fostering fresh perspectives on cross-regional relations.

The 2024 edition of ASEF LinkUp marks the launch of a Fellowship programme, where opportunities for professional development and networking are created for individuals and organisations in the arts sector, alongside public sector representatives engaged in international cultural cooperation. 

What is ASEF LinkUp? 

The genesis of ASEF LinkUp stems from the 2022 consultation process titled Recalibrating the Compass: What Future for Asia-Europe cultural relations? highlighting the need to create a platform to bring the arts and culture sector closer to the government representatives working in international cultural cooperation. The pilot edition of ASEF LinkUp was hence born, taking place from 24 to 27 October 2023 in Singapore, laying the groundwork for collaborative dialogues and exchanges. Through group work, visits, and provocations from experts in the sector, the first cohort of ASEF LinkUp “fellows” crafted key recommendations on approaching Asia-Europe cultural cooperation.  

Together, through ASEF LinkUp, ASEF and ATI aim to create a long-term community of professionals involved in cultural cooperation. This project aspires to create a safe space for meaningful conversations and networking opportunities, with the ultimate aim of advocating alternative understanding of cultural diplomacy and new forms of cultural relations.

All participants for this programme are co-selected by both organisers and are by invitation only. 

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