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01 Jun 2017

Arts Council of Mongolia celebrates 15th anniversary


The Arts Council of Mongolia (​ACM) celebrates 15 years of accountable, creative and multi-stakeholder achievement in 2017. It held an 'Arts Value' event on 27 April to launch its “Accountable Creative Multi-Stakeholder Year”. The event consisted of “The Value of Arts” panel discussion about art’s intrinsic value, as well as its wider impact on economy, wellbeing, society and education; a new contemporary dance “Unknown” premiere; “Re-imagine Mongolia” Arts Impact Project exhibition; and showcased “ACM” moments of art creation with live art presentation with support and partnership of Unread and Arig Bank.

For the entire year of 2017, ACM is going to celebrate its 15th anniversary with 15 creative projects including Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival, Culture Naadam, Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival and extensive media campaign under “Accountable, Creative and Multi-stakeholder year”.

Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) is an arts and culture NGO, established by Mongolian arts, civic, and business leaders in 2002 with the support of the Mongolian Foundation for an Open Society (Soros Foundation). Its mission is to support the sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture and the preservation of cultural heritage. In 2017, ACM is celebrating its 15th anniversary under the slogan “Accountable, Creative and Multi-stakeholder year” and initiating campaign that aims to promote the accomplishments, contributions, impacts, investments, partnerships and values that are created by the Arts Council of Mongolia for the last 15 years.

For the past few years of operation, ACM established a strong and visible infrastructure, governance, human resources and has achieved significant program and fundraising success with support of local and international partners on national and international level in increased program areas. ACM focuses on increasing the competitiveness of arts and culture in Mongolia by fostering artistic excellence, new media, enhancing international collaboration, and promoting Mongolian arts and culture abroad and international arts in Mongolia.

In this regard, ACM established a partnership with 47 countries, such as Australia, the United States, Afghanistan, Iran, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Canada, and Great Britain, Norway, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Poland, China, France and Japan. Also through community outreach programs ACM sustainably increases and builds public awareness of importance of value of arts and culture for individuals and the development of Mongolian society, as well focuses on promoting cultural heritage to the general public, transmitting intangible cultural heritage and supporting preservation of heritage site.

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