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04 Sep 2010 - 30 Oct 2010

Anyang Public Art Project

Based in a modern planned satellite city of Seoul, Anyang Public Art Project 2010 is an inquiry about the idea, belief and structure of NEW COMMUNITY, with artists from Asia, Europe and North America. The artistic programme APAP2010 focuses on concepts about New Community that could sustain and advance within the transformative and ephemeral conditions of contemporary cities. The overall theme is Cities Temporary - Societies Nomadic and considers new patterns of nomadism among city dwellers in Korea. Increasingly Koreans are becoming a society of floating populations, physically disconnected from the land, constantly moving from one place to another. Are then cities made of just one layer, inscribing only one culture at a time? And is history no longer continuous, severed into a series of expiring segments, destined to be erased and be replaced by another history? Cities as sediments of different lives and stories that interlock into narratives of continuity, then, are forever lost in Korea? And does the violent passing from destruction to construction of communities and cities echo the metaphysics of Korean culture, or is this simply the work of capitalism that thrives on the movement of capital and the production, from the zones of economic declines to the zones of economic profits? Capitalism moves, and so do Koreans. Korean cities are just temporary, and Korean society is becoming nomadic again. APAP 2010 will be grounded in two principal theories of urban metaphysics: first, in Urban Ecology, the idea that humanmade ecology of the artificial is a reflection of the ecology of nature; second, in Public Culture, a practice of art as a multi-disciplinary, research-based and process-oriented collaboration with the public and its various cultures. Featured artists from Asia and Europe include: