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04 Apr 2023

A serious game to learn how to manage an arts centre

Future Arts Centre is a new digital simulation (“serious game”) that has been developed to explore the skills and strategies needed to create and manage future artistic production and presentation venues.

The aim is to develop a prospective and long-term vision of a creation-presentation space over 8 multi-year cycles. It aims to experiment with what is possible, in order to prepare a desirable future and to unblock the processes of innovation within the sector.

The complex inside the game includes a modular performance hall, an art gallery, a media library, a cinema, creation studios and rehearsal rooms, a bar-restaurant, a reception and community space. The players have to build a strategy and explore a number of tasks and realities of a multi-disciplinary cultural space, considering different fields, constraints or steps to follow. Each question has a pedagogic dimension, which, through several indicators, will define the final profile of the players.

Built as a tool for dialogue and cooperation among peers and across borders, the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility and respect of Cultural rights play a central role in the Future Arts Centre.

There are already two major professional networks in France using the game: le Réseau des Indépendants de la Musique (RIM) and l'union Fédérale d'intervention des Structures Culturelles (UFISC).

Registered in Creative Commons, it leaves freedom to organisations, institutions and operators to create other elements that respond, playfully, to a skill development need of the creative sector.

Read more about Future Arts Centre here.