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29 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019

7th Asian National Museums Association Executive Meeting and Conference

Entitled "Social Unity through Culture, Art and History: the Museum Challenges", the 7th Asian National Museums Association Executive Meeting and Conference (ANMA 7) will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 29-31 October. Organised by the Department of Museums Malaysia, an affiliate member of ASEMUS, the event comprises two key components:
  • 7th ANMA Executive Committee meeting, for Executive Committee members and delegates only
  • 7th ANMA Conference, for both delegates and members of the public.
The 7th ANMA Conference recognises that unity among multicultural and diverse societies through aspects of culture, art and history is important in achieving solidarity and union of a nation. This unity is important because a unified nation can develop and flourish in various fields as well as enjoy life peacefully. Therefore, museum institutions play an important role in building cultural identity by celebrating diversity of race, culture, customs and religion in a country. Museum institutions should not only be seen as repositories of national treasures but have much more to offer. Museum programmes and activities that are innovative and creative are able to foster unity / harmony as well as producing a cultured nation. Nevertheless, museum institutions face various obstacles in achieving this goal in this era of globalization. This conference will discuss issues, challenges and solutions from different points of view among national museums from Asian countries that have reached a record of success in addressing the issue of unity / harmony through the role of culture, art and history in their respective countries.

About ANMA

The Asian National Museum Association (ANMA) was established as a network to promote exchange and co-operation among national museums in Asia. Initiated by the National Museum of China, Tokyo National Museum and the National Museum of Korea in 2007, its membership covers major national museums in Asia or their agencies.

ANMA’s objectives are to be a platform for the promotion of Asian culture internationally, the sharing of knowledge on collections and the exchange of information, human resources and exhibitions. The association meets every two years with the host country functioning as the Chairperson and the secretariat for the association. As part of its outreach efforts, ANMA organises a conference every 2 years in a different member nation. Malaysia is proud to host this year’s conference.

Further information

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