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21 Feb 2014 - 23 Feb 2014

2nd Lahore Literary Festival


The second annual Lahore Literary Festival takes place on Feb 21, 22, and 23. The Lahore Literary Festival celebrates the pure power of the written word and explores the interconnections between literature and art, theater, film, television, journalism, and activism.

The festival is held in Pakistan's creative capital. Lahore has a proud and long tradition of producing literary stars and inspiring enduring works. The Lahore Literary Festival explores the dialogue and interface between conventional literature and other arts, milieus, and society in pursuit of literature's subliminal power to improve our social, academic, cultural, and even political, frameworks. The aim of the Festival is to bring together, discuss and celebrate the diverse and pluralistic literary tradition that distinguishes Lahore as a city of arts, activism, and generally, of big ideas. With a focus on ‘Literature’ as encompassing a variety of genres—from fiction writing, to history, politics, art, architecture, culture, and music—the aim of the Festival is to reclaim and employ Lahore’s rich and varied literary tradition. Check the programme and connect with Labore Literary Festival on Facebook Image: Mosaic Panel - Lahore  Fort Picture Wall | credits Nayyar Ali Dada