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07 Apr 2023 - 09 Jul 2023

14th Gwangju Biennale 2023

The 14th Gwangju Biennale (Korea) main exhibition “soft and weak like water”, on until 9 July 2023, proposes to imagine the shared planet as a site of resistance, coexistence, solidarity and care by thinking through the transformative and restorative potential of water as a metaphor, a force, and a method. 

soft and weak like water takes its inspiration from a chapter of Dao De Jing which speaks of water’s capacity to embrace contradictions and paradoxes. soft and weak like water features 79 artists from around the world, representing different generations, cultural backgrounds, and regions. A diverse spectrum of artists, including established and emerging talents, women, minorities, and indigenous artists, offer layered and eclectic perspectives.

In addition to the central venue, the Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, works are located in the architectural, historical, and cultural context of exhibition spaces across Gwangju, such as the Gwangju National Museum, Mugaksa, Artspace House, and Horanggasy Artpolygon.

Gwangju Biennale Pavilion

The 14th Gwangju Biennale Pavilion 2023 features the work of 9 pavilions; Canada, China, France, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine. 

Public programme

Throughout the exhibition period, audience-participation programmes are available, showcasing works by 3 first-generation Korean experimental artists (Kim Kulim, Lee Kun-yong, and Seung-taek Lee), as well as Tarek Atoui, who presents various sound experiments.

In pursuit of trans-disciplinary conversations and open communication, the 14th Gwangju Biennale invites audiences to participate in various talk and lecture programmes. The 14th Gwangju Biennale also provides experience-based programmes aimed at encouraging children and teenagers to enjoy the exhibitions. 

14th Gwangju Biennale programme

Image: Edgar Calel, Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Gwangju Biennale Foundation