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27 Mar 2024

Mobility Funding Guides for ASEAN Region | 2024 Edition Launched!

Mobility Funding Guides for ASEAN Region | 2024 Edition Launched!

ASEF culture360 is delighted to present the 2024 editions of the Mobility Funding Guides for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines, a mapping of mobility funding opportunities for international cultural exchanges.

Developed since 2012 in partnership with On the Move, the main objectives of the Guides are to make available online the existing information on funding that supports the international mobility of artists and cultural operators from Asia, and to provide input to funders on how to fill in the existing funding gaps for international cultural exchange in Asia. 

This series of funding guides includes two kinds of mobility opportunities for artists and culture professionals: outgoing and incoming

  • Outgoing opportunities support individuals based in the ASEAJ region who wish to travel abroad and outside of their respective countries.  
  • Incoming opportunities are support for people from other countries who want to travel to the ASEAN region, where the funds are located. 

Readers can find funding opportunities from local, national, and international funding organisations, be they public and private. While the guide is an attempt to gather all the resources in one document, it is by no means complete and is a continuous work in progress. 

Opportunities that are listed include those that: 

  • occur regularly (and are not "one-offs") 
  • fund cross-border travel costs partially
  • are accessible via online links 

Download the updated ASEAN region Mobility Funding Guides here: 

Readers interested in mobility from or to the Mekong region should read the guides here

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