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31 Jul 2013

Interview with Steven Engelsman | Weltmuseum Wien | Austria




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For more than 15 years Steven Engelsman was the Director of the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, the Netherlands. In 2013, he has been appointed Director of the Weltmuseum Wien in Austria.

In this two minute interview the Museum Director discusses the transformation of the two hundred year old Museum of Ethnology into the Weltmuseum Wien.

"The most important aspect in the re-branding is that ethnology is a term that we no longer want to use...the whole mindset of ethnology is out of date...This museum will be a museum where the world meets Vienna and Vienna meets the world...and it will celebrate cultural all means possible..." says Mr. Engelsman.

He also discusses on the upcoming General Conference of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS) that will be hosted at the Weltmuseum Wien in 2014.
"As a member of ASEMUS we will host the ASEMUS General Conference in our we will have all our partners from Asia and Europe stay with us...and discuss issues of great importance for this museum."

For more details about the ASEMUS network and its museum members, you can visit