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05 Jul 2011

Young Musicians’ Society Arts Centre

The Young Musicians’ Society (YMS) was formed in 1969 under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education to promote ensemble musicmaking among the youth of Singapore.

At that time, YMS’ three main ensembles were the Singapore Youth Orchestra, the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra and the Combined Schools Choir – later renamed the Singapore Youth Choir (SYC). SYC was to become the first Singapore performing arts troupe to be recognized internationally for their achievements in the field of choral music.

Through the years, YMS has carved a niche in the arts community as an organisation dedicated to the promotion and support of local musical arts. Working on the firm belief that music is for everyone, YMS continues to play a pivotal role in arts education and outreach.

Following the successful organisation of the first Asia South Pacific Choral Symposium in August 2001, YMS has taken on the task of further enriching the local choral scene through the organisation of more targeted workshops such as the First Aid for Choirs and Conductors series.

The YMS Arts Centre is home to the SYC Ensemble Singers and has become a regular rehearsal venue for groups such as The Chamber Players and Dynamicworkz.

The YMS Auditorium is used regularly as a concert venue for musicians, music groups, music teachers, schools and theatre groups; a workshop venue; and a music examination centre.

The Young Musicians’ Society remains committed to education and outreach in the field of non-commercial music, as well as to nurturing and developing the ensembles under her care.

Through her programmes, and the work of her member groups, YMS hopes to sow the seeds for the eventual ‘flowering’ of the musical arts, by:
1.Cultivating a conducive and encouraging environment for the practice of non-commercial music, by creating awareness and understanding of the musical arts through concerts, workshops/masterclasses, music enrichment programmes and community projects.
2.Developing aspiring musicians and ensembles according to external (international) measures, setting the artistic benchmark for performance standards locally.
3.Promoting and supporting the work of Singapore musicians and music groups.
4.Collaborating with foreign musicians and music groups, and international music organizations, gaining knowledge and creative energy from such cultural ties/exchanges.

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