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06 Jul 2011

Wyspa Institute of Art (ISW)

Wyspa Institute of Art, in the grounds of Gdansk shipyard in the building of the former Basic Shipbuilding School, has been the home of the Wyspa Progress Foundation, an artistic organisation combining the presentation of contemporary art with reflections on the shape of social culture.

Wyspa develops a diverse and multidisciplinary programme including an artist-in-residency programme in collaboration with partner organizations abroad, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and publications.

Wyspa AIR Port is an artist-in-residence program conducted by Wyspa Art Institute in cooperation with partner organizations abroad, including Pro Helvetia, Espace Croise, IASPIS, ArtsLink, 18th Street Arts Complex. The program guarantees artists, curators and researchers a fully equipped apartment together with an adjoining studio and permanent wireless access to the Internet. Selection for such a residence is conducted among artists and intellectuals whose innovative activities are consistent with Wyspa’s program characteristics. Participation in the program is possible through common programs developed with cooperating institutions or is enabled by the possession of a credible and also material source of financing participation in the program.