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18 May 2011

World Dance Alliance (WDA)

The World Dance Alliance was initiated in Hong Kong in 1990 with the founding of the Asia Pacific region to serve as a primary voice for dance and dancers throughout the world, and to encourage the exchange of ideas and the awareness of dance in all its many forms. The Americas joined the Alliance in 1993, Europe in 1997, and an Alliance is under development in Africa. Currently, WDA has over 500 members.

WDA is a member-driven service organization with broad goals.

It provides information, advocacy and communication for dance organizations and individuals, a forum for the exchange of ideas, and information expertise and resources in all areas of dance. WDA encourages an awareness of, access to and understanding of dance as an art, a ritual and traditional expression, and as a leisure-time activity in diverse communities throughout the world. It encourages the protection of dance repertoire in all dance forms by preservation in notation, film and other media.

WDA supports the work of existing dance organizations and collaborates with other groups in related disciplines. In the past decade, for example, WDA Americas has assisted in the exchange of companies, teachers and dancers among member countries. It has helped in changing pension and tax laws in Argentina, Canada and Costa Rica.

A special feature of WDA is the networks of people with similar interests for the purpose of creating a better future for dance and dancers. Networks currently are in the areas of Creation and Presentation, Education and Training, Management and Promotion, Research and Documentation, and Status and Welfare.

Members receive newsletters and have the opportunity to participate in both Global and Regional Assemblies. General Assemblies in each of the regions are alternated with Global Assemblies that bring together members from around the world. Recent regional Assemblies have been held in Mexico City (Americas) in May 2005, and in Kuala Lumpur (Asia Pacific) in July 2005. Members of a Region have courtesy privileges in other Regions. Through Global Assemblies, WDA facilitates international exchanges and encourages dialogue among all people in dance. Global Assemblies are normally held in alternate years.