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07 Jul 2017

World of CO

World of Co is an artist residency based in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is currently running WOC Online Artist Residency.

WOC Online Residency is a way to reconnect with the international art community, provoke creative exchange, and expand the art practice through feedback and mutual support. The focus is on connecting artists and building new networks between them, through dialogue and experimentation. The participants are able to work on specific projects, improve their portfolios, and move on when they feel stuck and need help.

Through active dialogue, exchanging ideas, and critical thinking, the programme builds a strong sense of community and artistic collaboration among its participants which lasts after the program ends. In a friendly and supportive atmosphere, WOC helps artists to continue growing, experimenting and improving themselves as artists. 

The online programme is open to emerging and mid-career visual artists, multidisciplinary artists, mixed media artists, painters, textile artists, illustrators, designers, writers, sound artists, curators and art researchers from all around the world.