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27 Nov 2015

Women & Agriculture Support Organization (WASO)

This NGO is dedicated to the poor women of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan. Women of KPK are deprived of quality education, health facilities, empowerment and freedom of speech due to the bad impacts of extremism and terrorism. This is a small step towards the freedom of our mothers, sisters and daughters.

WASO is the first recent initiative for the advancement of transgender and female sex workers' community in the fields of health, education, empowerment, prevention against HIV AIDS; to provide them a better position in society, as no NGO is working for them in KPK due to risk to their lives from militants. We also aim to uplift the agricultural sector in KPK as due to militancy and terrorism, this sector is affected badly; so we want to make our farmers (especially women farmers) sound. We also work on revival of quality theatre, exchange of cultural delegations, music shows and arranging exhibitions of folk and cultural heritage. We also try to resolve women and gender based issues with the help of seminars, workshops, training, video productions and many times by performing arts.