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28 Sep 2023

Video podcasts: What Makes You Disabled?

What Makes You Disabled? That is the question that was asked during the European Dancehouse Network (EDN) Carte Blanche Artist Exchange programme in Italy in May 2023 and over 3 video podcasts made as a follow up to the meeting.  

As part of the programme, artists, choreographers and other dance professionals were invited to join a 4-day collective and collaborative exploration of disabling conditions and systemic barriers set by prevailing ableism in contemporary dance.

The EDN Carte Blanche Artist Exchange was mediated and facilitated by Italian disabled artists collective Al.Di.Qua and hosted by Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno (Turin), Italy.

Inspired by Al.Di.Qua's manifesto, the participants were invited to open a space of possibilities and sow new visions, expand the imaginary relating to disability, grow new skills and raise awareness to generate structural changes and promote greater leadership by people with disabilities and a greater equity for all. 

The 3 video podcasts explored the following topics: 

  • Time, Space & Communication
  • Multiply Perceptions
  • Eyes and Hands

As one participant said: “Our body is not the problem, nor our physical, motor, sensory, neurological, cognitive abilities. We can no longer accept that our bodies, our histories, our changing identities are reported and flattened under a single convenient medical-scientific term. We are not talking about disabilities, but about Disabling Experiences imposed by a society built on a model that only benefits the western, male, white, able, healthy, cisgender and straight human being.”

Watch them in full here