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22 Oct 2018

Warruyanta Art Centre

The Warruyanta Art Centre is located in the southern Kimberley community of Mulan, bordering the Paruku Indigenous Protected Area. One of the most remote communities in the Kimberley, it’s almost 300 kilometres from the nearest town of Halls Creek.

The Centre is located on Walmajarri land near Paruku (also known as Lake Gregory), an extensive freshwater lake and flood system surrounded by the Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts. The area is one of the most remote permanent freshwater wetlands in the world and it’s of global environmental importance as well as deep cultural significance to the Walmajarri.

Warruyanta artists frequently paint acrylic depictions of the land, animals, plants and bush tucker. They also experiment with three dimensional art, manipulating and embellishing found materials into sculptural forms. Recently this enthusiasm for reworking existing objects translated into a collection of painted shoes.

In one project the Warruyanta Art Centre collaborated with team of scientists and artists to explore the intersections between Aboriginal knowledge systems and western scientific and artistic understandings of the region in the cross-cultural ‘Paruku Project’. It involved a number of workshops including painting, screen-printing and sculpture as well as collaborating on painting large canvas maps of the lake that captured changing water levels, animal life, fire and cultural records.