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14 Apr 2011


Wallimage is a public limited company, created by the Walloon Region. It is a purely economical fund which supports audiovisual productions and enterprises. The Mons-based company employs six people and acts as an advisory and investment company which analyses bids for its subsidiaries Wallimage Coproductions and Wallimage Entreprises. These subsidiaries invest in films and in companies, respectively.

Its purpose is to give structure to the audiovisual industry in the Walloon region, so dynamizing an entire Walloon industry branch by focused investments with multiplying effects. This is achieved by supporting productions which, in one way or another, will invest in Wallonia and by taking shares in the capital of innovating enterprises specialised in the audiovisual, which are being created, set up or developing in the Walloon region. Wallimage also offers practical help like a directory with Walloon talent. The regional fund also coordinates the actions of the Walloon film commissions.

The Wallimage Coproductions limited company (formerly known as SOWALIM) has €3.5M for an investment line in Wallonia and another €2M for a mixed line in Wallonia/Brussels at their disposal to support films. Wallimage Entreprises finances companies with an occupational office in Wallonia. The fund intervenes by taking a minority share in the capital, with an obligatory loan part, sometimes convertible in actions or via a subordinated loan.