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04 Jul 2011

Vietnamese traditional music

The Vietnamese traditional music cooperation project between Vietnam Datacommunication Company (VDC) and the Vietnamese Institute for Musicology (VIM). The site includes an archive with assorted news on music activities and the music scene in Vietnam. Audio samples of traditional Vietnamese music are available for purchase on CDs.

Traditional Vietnamese music is highly diverse and syncretistic, combining native and foreign influences. Throughout its history, Vietnam has been heavily impacted by the Chinese musical tradition, as an integral part, along with Korea, Mongolia and Japan. The ancient Indochinese kingdom of Champa also had an historical effect upon this music, because the Vietnamese court found it intriguing. However, even with these foreign influences, Vietnam has a unique musical tradition stemming from its native roots.

Vietnam has numerous forms of orchestras. Each of them closely links to a specific genre of traditional arts, and has its own characteristics that are identified by a principal instrument. This very instrument helps demonstrating fundamental nuances and rhythms of the orchestra.

Traditional Musical Instruments of Vietnam Vietnam has been proud of its diversified and rich treasure of traditional musical instruments that has been being formed throughout the life journey and developed over the long history of founding and defending of the nation. Among those instruments are ones that are locally created and imbued with indigenous identities. There also have seen other instruments that were brought into Vietnam through different ways but later were indigenized in line with musical languages and aesthetics of the nation. For the time being, hundreds of various instruments of such precious cultural resources are systematically and scientifically displayed at Vietnam Musical Instruments Showroom of Vietnamese Institute for Musicology.

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