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04 Jul 2011


Videotage is a leading Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation specialising in the promotion, presentation, creation, and preservation of moving images and media art across all languages, shapes and forms.

Founded in 1986, Videotage has evolved from an artist-run collective to an influential network, supporting the creative use of media art to explore, investigate and connect with issues that are of significant technological, social, cultural, and historical value. Dedicated to nurturing emerging media artists and developing the local media art community, Videotage has organised numerous media art events and programmes while developing an extensive offline and online video art archive (VMAC).

As media art combines the meticulous characteristics of art, technology, and science, Videotage strives to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogues amongst artists, scientists, academics and entrepreneurs in order to offer critical perspectives on artistic advancements and technological developments. Going forward, Videotage will continue to leverage its resources and international networks to promote Hong Kong’s artistic and cultural heritage to the broader audience around the globe, as well as continue to introduce pioneering art movements and practitioners to the audience at their home base in Hong Kong.