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20 Aug 2013


Tranzit is a non-governmental non-profit agency for support of cultural initiatives established in 2002 with a view to facilitate development of cultural field in the Kaliningrad region and promote culture as resource for regional social and economic development. We believe that development of our region and its integration into the European space are impossible without intensive cultural dialogue with our neighbors.

Based on that, in cooperation with a number of local, Russian and foreign institutions, Tranzit:

  • runs capacity building programs in the field of cultural management;

  • provides consultancy to local cultural organizations, managers etc. on the issues of strategic development and management, project management, fundraising etc.;

  • develops the community/professional club of the most active regional cultural managers;

  • acts as a platform for exchange of ideas and innovative experience in the field of culture and cultural development;

  • promotes unique cultural resources of the Kaliningrad region;

  • when possible, assists in implementing of innovative cultural projects in the Kaliningrad region;

  • acts as a contact point and facilitates development of cultural exchange across borders.

In cooperation with various partners Tranzit implements projects aimed at promoting culture as a resource for social and economic development of the Kaliningrad region and stirring up cultural life in the region.

In 2011-2015 in cooperation and with support from the Information Office of the Nordic Council of Minister in the Kaliningrad region Tranzit implements a long term program aimed at development of creative industries in the Kaliningrad region. The plans for 2014-2015 include a number of thematic workshops/lab and study tours to Nordic and Baltic countries focused on the issues of urban planning in public space, low-budget social and cultural entrepreneurship , development of gaming industry, collaborations between arts and business etc.

In 2003 – 2010 in cooperation with European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Tranzit implemented a long-term capacity building program for cultural managers of the Kaliningrad region. There have been organized a number of public discussions, international conferences and seminars on the issues of cultural policy, development, international cultural cooperation and the reform of cultural institutions in Russia. Besides, for the directors and senior managers of the region’s most active cultural institutions a long-term training program in cultural management involving leading European and Russian experts was organized. In parallel to attending training sessions participants prepared strategic development plans for their institutions. Some of the training program’s participants were further trained as trainers and have already started transferring their experience to colleagues from Kaliningrad and other regions.