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09 Nov 2019

Transforma Cultural Space

Transforma is a multifunctional space and production centre in Almaty aiming to support and promote contemporary art for active citizens. Transforma is a  platform for independent theatres, contemporary Kazakhstani and world’s drama, poetry, contemporary dance, as well as indie and electronic music. Over two years of operation, Transforma supported 90 new creative projects that were staged and presented at it for more than 260 times. 

The Transforma Cultural Space is a multidisciplinary platform designed for theater performances, dance and music events, film screenings, exhibitions, lectures and any other creative projects.

The name of the project reflects one of the distinctive features of space: it is a transformer platform where the stage does not dictate the format to the artist, but, on the contrary, easily and harmoniously adapts to the requirements of a particular project. Despite the fact that the main component of Transform’s repertoire is theater projects, this cultural space is convenient and organic for any kind of contemporary art.