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09 Jul 2015

Training and Research in Environment and Ecological Sciences (TREES)

TREES facilitates platforms for researchers and practitioners in developing new ways of inclusive living, besides encouraging multi-disciplinary dialogues meant for social sensitization and inner awakening that would help the conservation of ecology and protection of environment. At times, TREES generates funds for implementing path-breaking experimental ideas into practice and at other times, apart from facilitating research and development in the concerned fields of art, culture, literature, social sciences and economics TREES also focuses on providing research, studio, residency and man power support to the selected participants in its program.

‘TREES’ collaborates with national and international artists, researchers and funding agencies to implement their programs in various Indian locations.


  • To promote and create awareness about the Habitat, Environment, Culture and Heritage among the people through Art as a medium.

  • To assist, develop, investigate and promote art practice

  • To create an understanding and appreciation of culture.

  • To develop an exchange between various cross cultural art practices

  • To create a network between artist in region and across the country