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05 Jul 2011

Thai Film Foundation

The Thai Film Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1994 by a group of film activists to promote the film culture in Thailand.

Working in partnership with the National Film Archive of Thailand, the foundation has a mission to promote the importance of film preservation through organizing classical film screening and publishing film journals to encourage the study of Thai film history. The foundation also hosts annually the Thai Short Film and Video Festival, a platform for independent film makers to show their creativity with programs such as local short films and video competition and special selected short film screening.

It also publishes a serious film journal, Nang Thai (Thai Film Quarterly) to encourage the in depth studies of Thai film history.

Apart from the festival which is held annually, the foundation also organizes many film related activities in order to promote a better understanding of film as a kind of cultural heritage to a wider audience.

One of the main activities is the Thai Short Film and Video Festival, which started in 1997 aiming to encourage to independent spirit to expose their hidden creativity. It is a local short film and video competition in conjunction with screening selected short films from several contras. With in five years, the number of entries increases from 30 to 150.creating the dynamic atmosphere for the microscopic Thai film culture.

Since Thai Film Foundation has considered cinema as intellectual asset rather than merely entertainment, the Foundation has organized numerous activities, working towards raising the recognition of Thai films to become one of the country's cultural heritages.

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