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28 Jun 2011

Tabs Creative Projects

Tabs Creative Projects was formed in 2000 aimed at using the arts to develop and nurture links between government bodies, corporations and arts practitioners.

Tabs is particularly interested in programmes and projects in the areas of Arts in Education and Arts for Health. In 2001, several stage management workshops ran for aspiring stage managers as well as for the technical staff at Istana Budaya, developing new programmes in Arts for Health and is involved in a textile development project.

The Tabs creative Projects have following aims:

- to develop mutually beneficial links and partnerships between the arts, business and government sectors

- to find ways to use the arts to empower the individual

- to increase access to the arts for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds

- to create an audience for the future

- to produce high quality arts experiences and to develop ways and opportunities of learning and healing through the arts.