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15 May 2012

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s pre-eminent centre for excellence in live performing arts. The Sydney Opera House is the home of artists whose contribution to the performing arts is internationally recognised and celebrated, and it is a home for Australia’s most original and imaginative artists whose work has a profound resonance with audiences.

The Sydney Opera House programs a broad diversity of performing arts events that are challenging and dynamic, which engage and entertain the audience and that offer a unique and memorable visitor experience.

The Sydney Opera House aspires to be one of the leading performing arts centres of the world, presenting performers and companies whose artistry and skill is as iconic and influential as the Sydney Opera House itself. They aspire to be an organisation that the public can rely on to present the most important and outstanding Australian and international artists of this generation. They aim to provide inventive new contexts for their work, to facilitate new and dynamic collaborations between artists and artistic teams and to provide meaningful opportunities for new and existing audiences to engage with artists. They will acknowledge and celebrate the Sydney Opera House’s four resident performing arts companies and strengthen those relationships through meaningful collaborations and public events.

The Sydney Opera House also remains grounded in its community and responds to the cultural landscape of Sydney and its residents. The Sydney Opera House responds to the community’s love of the arts by presenting artists, companies and arts events whose work has resonated both with the Sydney community – and the wide array of communities in Sydney.

The goals of the Opera House are:

  • ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE: Produce and present imaginative and engaging performing Arts events from Australia and around the world.

  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Sydney Opera House belongs to everyone and all communities have access to experiences.

  • A VIBRANT AND SUSTAINABLE SITE: Intensifying customer engagement and ensuring progress works in harmony with heritage values.

  • EARNING OUR WAY: Remain relevant, contemporary and leverage our position as a critical tourism and cultural asset. Staff engagement and empowerment.