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29 Feb 2024

Stadtsprachen Magazin

More and more people of all languages have made Berlin their permanent residence, cultural home and center of life – turning the German capital into a multilingual metropolis. Not only has the city been repeatedly depicted within numerous prominent, renowned literary works, but with various international authors choosing it as their actual living place, Berlin has now become a major center of world literature and so in 2016 this online literary magazine was founded to present Berlin’s multilingual contemporary literature and to create a platform for all future activities of stadtsprachen and its partners.

As of December 2023 they have presented 26 issues with a total of 687 texts in 47 languages that are freely accessible to all interested parties: 429 authors and 229 translators have contributed to this online magazine. In addition, since the beginning of 2017, they have been able to realise a total of 64 multilingual live presentations of their multilingual reading series PARATAXE throughout Berlin (and beyond). 

The organisers consider it to be crucial to finally raise public awareness for the multilingualism of contemporary Berlin literature by highlighting its influences on the German literary scene as well as its international influence and interrelations.