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05 Apr 2022

Singapore Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap

Image of Singapore Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap

The online Arts and Culture Digital Roadmap helps culture organisations adopt digital solutions. Developed by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (Singapore), along with Singapore’s National Arts Council and National Heritage Board, the free Roadmap consolidates successful, digital solutions across the sector and provides information on funding resources to support organisations’ digital transformation. 

Authors of the Roadmap argue that digital transformation is not just about replacing the existing experience, but about enhancing the arts ecosystem. Digital technology can help enhance the experiences of audiences and visitors by making a wide range of innovative works available, and it can increase the productivity and sustainability of arts and culture organisations. With this in mind, the Roadmap provides digital solutions in the areas of creation, presentation, marketing, corporate functions, stakeholder management and data analytics. 

The Roadmap was developed through a survey on the digital capabilities of the sector, as well as through 20 in-depth interviews with arts and culture organisations and practitioners. While it was created in the context of the Singapore cultural sector, it has many tools, resources and recommendations that would be beneficial across diverse contexts. 

The Roadmap includes: 

  • A self-assessment checklist which organisations can use to gauge their level of digital readiness
  • An array of digital solutions which organisations can adopt and benefit from at various phases of the creative process
  • A list of funding schemes and other resources which can support the digitalisation journey

The Roadmap will be updated regularly, as the needs of the sector and technology evolve.

Full Roadmap