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20 Aug 2013

Russian Association of Cultural Managers

The Russian Association of Cultural Managers (ACM) is the only Russian professional organization and cultural network of national scale which unites experts, consultants and managers of socio-cultural projects and aims at forming contemporary standards of administrating cultural processes. ACM was founded in 2001 due to the initiative of alumni of the Cultural Management Department of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Its members receive expert consultations, informational support to their projects and recommendations for participation in international internship programs.

Its mission is forming and developing a professional and expert community of cultural managers by identifying culture as the most important resource of public and territorial development, necessary for the creation of Russia’s new image and Russia’s integration into world cultural and political trends. ACM unites leading representatives of professional community who share these principles and aim at using their expert competences and experience to contribute to all-Russian social development. Its members and experts are professionals who obtain experience in realization of cultural initiatives in major regional, national and international projects, who do research and consulting in the area of cultural policy and practice.

The objectives of ACM focus on creating conditions for stable development of project activity and effective realization of innovations in the cultural field, providing professional growth of cultural managers, elaborating and promoting new professional standards in socio-cultural area, and organizing expert discussion of main strategies and directions in cultural area and international cultural cooperation. The Association also fortifies relations between representatives of Russian and international cultural area, stimulates public discussion on the culture development topic, and struggles to form a new platform for communication between state, cultural managers and representatives of donation organizations involved in cultural projects.

In fact, the Association’s activity for the nearest years will be precisely devoted to the creation of a new expert community of cultural managers and to the elaboration of common inter-regional and international projects as well as to the exposure of opinion leaders in the regions which present best experience in project realization.


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