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03 Sep 2010

Royal Brunei Museum

The Royal Brunei Museum’s collection comprises collections and exhibitions of Islamic arts, traditional culture, archaeology and history, oil and gas, and natural history. The Museum hosts examples of Islamic art, a history of the oil and gas industry in Brunei, and an ancient ceramic collection from a shipwreck, which sank 500 years ago.

There are some very old and unique examples of Islamic arts and crafts on the ground floor in the West Wing. These include old copies of the Holy Koran, ceramics, jewellery, weapons, coins and metalwork.

On the ground floor there is also an interactive history of the Oil and Gas Industry in Brunei.
There are working models of oil rigs and machines used by Brunei Shell to explore, locate and access the vast reserves off the Brunei coast.
Many of these collections are more than 1000 years old but are still in good condition.

The Royal Brunei Museum is located just 6.5 kilometres from the city along the Brunei River.