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03 Sep 2010

Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture

Reyum (1998) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to Cambodian arts and culture, founded in order to provide a forum for research, preservation, and promotion of traditional and contemporary Cambodian arts and culture.

Through exhibitions, events, and publications, Reyum aims to stimulate an exchange of ideas, while fostering creative expressions and encouraging further research. Art exhibitions organised at Reyum aim to foster creativity and critical thinking while providing contemporary artists with the opportunity to explore and create new work. Reyum actively works with artists to conceptualise and create specific exhibitions which take up an idea or contemporary issue which we hope will be inspiring and provocative for local audiences.

In addition to art exhibitions, Reyum organises an ongoing series of more didactic exhibitions on history, culture, and the arts. These exhibitions result from our research projects, and are presented in an easily accessible visual form in order to offer the general public the opportunity to learn and share information.

Reyum also presents lectures, performances, film evenings, and concerts in an ongoing effort to offer the public free activities and events in our storefront exhibition space. Some of these activities are organised in conjunction with exhibitions while other performances and concerts are independent of otheir exhibition schedule.

All activities presented by Reyum are free and open to the public. Located directly across the street from both the southern campus of the Royal University of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Cambodia in downtown Phnom Penh, Reyum offers a space of encounter for students, professors, townspeople and foreign visitors.

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