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25 Jun 2011

Project Chilli Padi

W!ld Rice (2000) is one of Singapore’s leading professional theatre companies, is inspired by the multicultural societies that make up Singapore and modern Asia, celebrating their diverse cultures and performance styles and bringing them together in creative collaborations that inspire, challenge and entertain.

W!ld Rice mission is to build a theatre culture also extends to the wider community through the following divisions:

First Stage”, a project which nurtures young talents from 5- 16.

Young & W!LD” which identifies and develops Singapore’s young theatre professionals.

The project “Chilli Padi” is an Education and Outreach division for schools and community audiences and offers a fresh approach to arts education through the novel application of methods and processes used in various art forms to the learning of life skills and the exploration of relationships and issues. Its diverse programmes reflect this basic belief - from drama-based history excursions and musical theatre training, to community arts exposure weekends.


Each Project Chilli Padi programme seeks to provoke thought and offer, through different art forms, a new way to learn about and understand others, our immediate environment and our selves. Project Chilli Padi’s theatre-focused programmes are designed to identify and develop Singapore's future theatre talents.


Since 2002, CH!LL! PADI’s exciting arts education and outreach programmes have brought theatre magic to over 200 schools, for the benefit of more than 250,000 children and youth. Their diverse arts programmes include:

• Exposure, through engaging plays and performances

• Experience, through educationalworkshops

• Excursions, through exciting trips and tours

• Customised School Productions

CH!LL! PADI is led by its Artistic Director, Judy Ngo, a director, actor and qualified arts educator with more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of Arts Education.