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05 Jul 2011


Post-Museum is an independent cultural and social space which seeks to examine contemporary life, promote the arts and connect people. It is a ground-up project initiated by Singaporean curatorial team p-10 and it opened in September 2007.

Post-Museum is located in two 1920s shop-houses in Little India, an exciting and truly historical and multi-cultural area in Singapore. Through its activities, Post-Museum aims to respond to its community as well as serve as a hub for local and international cultures.

The museum activities cover many areas including Art, Design, Architecture and work by non-government organisations. p-10 is the Resident Curatorial Team and is responsible for a large part of the Art programme. The other programmes are organised by other motivated individuals who have interest and/or expertise in those areas.

The programmes include Local and International Exhibitions, Residency Programmes for Local and International Talents, Talks by Local and International Talents, Workshops and Classes, Community Projects, Research and Publishing.