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07 Sep 2010

Polish Institute in Bucharest

The Polish Institutes are institutions subordinated to the Foreign Ministry, whose mission is to disseminate the Polish culture and information about the history and national heritage of Poland in the world, as well as to promote cooperation in the fields of culture, education, science and social life. Many of the Polish Institutes also act as departments for culture and science within the embassies of Poland.

The Polish Institutes have the function of competent centers that promote knowledge about Poland by conducting information and education activities and by assuring the presence of Poland in the cultural life of the countries of residence. Their main duties include introducing the Polish culture in the major centers of these countries, assuring a significant Polish presence in international actions, as well as establishing sustainable relations between Polish and international partners active in the field of international cultural exchanges.

The most advantageous form of organizing events is by cooperation with major local cultural institutions, which, on one hand, reduces the representation costs for the Polish side to some extent and, on the other hand, guarantees that the events will reach the local target audience.

The mission of cultural diplomacy is to exercise an effective influence on the local arts, opinion-building and expert circles, on the largest possible scale. Building good and lasting relations with the mass media is a priority for the Polish Institutes. The Polish Institutes seek to build a group of future allies in the effort of promoting the Polish cultural heritage, including professors and students in Polish language and literature, Slavic studies and Central European studies. They also try to secure the involvement of Polish teachers in the education youth in the countries of residence.

The activities undertaken by the Polish Institutes in the world are supported, from the Polish side, besides the Foreign Ministry, by national cultural institutions, as the Polish Cinema Institute, the Book Institute, the Theater Institute, the "Fryderyk Chopin" National Institute and the "Adam Mickiewicz", which includ international cooperation among their objectives.

The programs of activities of the Polish Institutes are developed by teams of six to eight, including a director or a person assigned from Poland, two or three local experts with thorough knowledge of the language and conditions in the relevant country, and two other members with auxiliary functions. The team structure may be changed depending on local conditions.

Polish Institutes are currently active in most European countries (Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, UK, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, and Hungary), as well as outside Europe (Israel, USA). In 2004, the Polish Institute in Bucharest also extended its activities to the Republic of Moldova.