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03 Sep 2010

Pharos Arts Foundation

The Pharos Arts Foundation is a non-profit cultural and educational foundation based in Cyprus dedicated to the promotion of the arts and humanities. The Pharos Arts Foundation aims to promote artistic excellence by bringing audiences in Cyprus into contact with some of the most exciting and talented musicians and artists on the Cypriot and international scene.

In the long term the Pharos Arts Foundation aims to create a permanent home for the arts, culture and global dialogue in Cyprus, bringing artists, writers, musicians, composers and philosophers together for creative expression and exchange, taking advantage of the island's unique cultural and geographic situation on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and the European Union's south-eastern boundary.

The Pharos Arts Foundation is dedicated to making a difference in people's lives by offering inspiration and by fostering excellence and innovation. Living in a mundane world, sadly deficient in ideals and values, people's lives can be enriched when offered opportunities to create and experience great music and art.

The Pharos Arts Foundation has established a world-wide reputation for its commitment to excellence and for promoting classical music in Cyprus, having presented more than 500 concerts over the past fifteen years. Outstanding musicians are hosted in the Pharos Arts Foundation's Concert Series and the annual International Chamber Music Festival, with programmes ranging from ancient to contemporary. The recent acquisition by the Foundation of a beautiful harpsichord made by O' Brien and Bandini in Italy, will also give us the opportunity to present more Baroque music.

The Pharos Centre for Contemporary Art (PCCA) presents the work of major international artists. A variety of contemporary art forms are included in the Centre's programme - visual, performance, photography, video - as well as lectures and discussions. Exhibitions are in many cases individually curated by internationally recognized curators from all over Europe.

The Educational Programmes are an important aspect of the Foundation's work, giving thousands of students from all communities in Cyprus the opportunity not only to hear music performed by some of the great artists who visit us, but also to learn from them and develop a serious and deep enthusiasm for classical music. Over the past five years more than 60,000 students have participated in the Music Education Programme.

Having established worldwide reputation, the Foundation's Concert and Recital Series presents a number of internationally-acclaimed soloists and music ensembles. The Cyprus Artists Series which is presented concurrently with the Concert and Recital Series, is dedicated to the promotion and support of leading musicians of Cypriot ancestry, as well as musicians residing and pursuing a career in Cyprus. The Series is also committed to the support of Cypriot composers and features premieres of commissioned new works. The musical year culminates each May with the International Pharos Chamber Music Festival held at venues in Nicosia and Paphos. The Pharos Arts Foundation has recently introduced the International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival, the mission of which is to propagate the music of 20th and 21st centuries and present contemporary works and newly-commissioned compositions.

The Music Education Series presents activities, such as educational concerts, master-classes and workshops, for the benefit of students of state and private schools from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, promoting music as a non-verbal expression vehicle which transcends the boundaries of language.

The Visual Arts Programme features contemporary art exhibitions by distinguished international artists working in all ranges of media; the Pharos Centre for Contemporary Art hosts major contemporary art exhibitions, acting as a space where artists can create and present their work. Exhibition catalogues on the hosted artists, as well as other monographs and books on contemporary art and photography are published by Pharos Publishers.

The Lecture Series serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas by influential thinkers on issues of global importance.

Through the Pharos Arts Foundation's Residency Programme, artists, writers, musicians, scholars and composers are invited to Cyprus with the aim of creating new work and presenting a number lectures, workshops and masterclasses.

Finally, the annual Brazilian Culture Month presents a series of events showcasing aspects of Brazilian culture through art, music, dance, films and lectures.

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