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30 Jun 2011

Penang Heritage Trust

The Penang Heritage Trust (PHT), established in 1986, is a membership-based non-government organisation, open to all. It is wholly dependent on membership subscriptions, donations and grants to continue its work in promoting the conservation of Penang’s heritage and working to save the island’s many historical buildings. In addition, PHT organises cultural, educational and public awareness programmes for its members and the public. It also strives to work with like-minded organisations, both local and international.

After a campaign by the PHT, George Town was inscribed together with Melaka to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2008. Since then, the Trust has worked even harder to promote the safeguarding of Penang’s traditional trades as well as its heritage architecture. They also articulate the need for maintaining a balance between economic revitalisation through tourism and retaining the old tenant communities and the historic fabric of the city.