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01 Jul 2011

Patravadi Theatre

In Thailand, the name Patravadi is synonymous with the performing arts. Patravadi Mejudhon, the founder and artistic director of the theatre, has been a pioneering force in the Thai arts scene for more than thirty years. In 1992, she founded the independent performing arts space: Patravadi Theatre.

Patravadi Theatre is a Bangkok-based fully equipped performing art space and is privately run. Its resident company has created numerous productions, founded a performing arts school, carried out international exchanges, experimented arts in different media and at the same time preserved and developed traditional arts. Patravadi Theatre has close relations with international arts institutions with many collaborative projects by artists from around the world.

Famous for its variety of production, Patravadi Theatre offers a wide range of events from art exhibitions to art and culture festivals, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles produced by Thai and international artists. The theatre is home to the Bangkok Fringe Festival organized annually as well as offers an artist in residency programme.

Through the years, the theatre has grown to become a prominent home for the performing arts in Thailand. Under its roof, the company has created numerous acclaimed productions, founded a performing arts school, carried out international exchanges, experimented with arts in different media all the while preserving and developing traditional arts. All these efforts are different facets of the same commitment -- to develop excellence in Thai performing arts and artists. Many artists trained in Patravadi Theatre have become prominent artists on their own.

The Theatre is particularly known for its works which are rooted in Thai traditions which embrace international elements. The company has not only enjoyed success at home, but has also impressed international audiences in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, India, Hong Kong and Malaysia.