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05 Aug 2011

The Paintbrush Factory

The Paintbrush Factory is a collective space for contemporary arts in Cluj, Romania. The project started at the beginning of 2009, as an independent initiative to bring together ideas, events and projects of cultural organizations, galleries, producers and independent artists in Cluj and as a reaction to the local lack of production and exhibition spaces in the city.

The Paintbrush Factory is the first collective project of such dimensions on the Romanian cultural scene and also one of the most relevant examples of converting an industrial building into a cultural space. The artists, galleries and organizations – active in the fields of theater, contemporary dance, visual arts, arts in public space, music – are jointly engaged into delivering relevant cultural content, both for the artistic community and the wide audience. Besides artist studios and production spaces, The Paintbrush Factory also hosts events of local and international partners. It acts as a major player in cultural and urban policies in the Romanian context.

Main projects:

  1. The Production Line (theatre, dance, performance)

The goal is to encourage the productions of contemporary performing arts, the artists and creators of theater and contemporary dance performances by organizing a season of performances at the Paintbrush Factory, as also the development of a specialized and less familiar audience with performing arts by offering coherent, valuable and relevant performances for the current production of theater and contemporary dance. The production line functioned between 2012 and 2014.

  1. The Contemporary Art Library

Born from the idea of few members of the artistic community at The Paintbrush Factor and the need for a common playground for discussion, the Contemporary Art Library @ Fabrica de Pensule aims to be a place where books are seen as a bridge between the city, the community and the Paintbrush Factory. The Library aims to become a collection of art related editions embracing a wide range of subjects and matters, offering to students, citizens and wanderers the possibility to find on the same shelf a number of materials usually missing from traditional libraries and bookshops – from catalogues and theory based volumes and essays to self-published editions and leaflets.

  1. Culture laboratories (trainings and networking for cultural managers, 2012)

The activities aimed to encourage the development of cultural management, producers and young cultural managers, with few non-academic training opportunities in the field of cultural management by organizing a training program in cultural management during an intensive summer school and a networking program for local cultural producers with different networks and cultural operators from abroad.

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