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03 Sep 2010

österreichische kulturdokumentation- International Archive for Cultural Analysis

The österreichische kulturdokumentation - internationales archiv für kulturanalysen is a non-university institute for applied cultural research and cultural documentation founded in 1991. Applying an interdisciplinary approach, the institute documents, analyses and publicises national, European and international developments in culture, cultural policy and cultural research.

The österreichische kulturdokumentation understands itself as an interface between relevant researchers, university and non-university institutes, libraries as well as archives, national and supranational organisations, lobbies and cultural policy makers.

The main topics include:

  • Cultural policy in Austria;

  • National and European cultural policies;

  • EU culture and media policy;

  • Culture and employment;

  • Creative industries;

  • Cultural diversity;

  • Urban cultural policy.


The österreichische kulturdokumentation carries out fundamental cultural-policy research. The institute undertakes research work on behalf of and in cooperation with national and international institutions. The main research topics include national and international cultural policies, EU culture and media policy, urban cultural policy, culture and employment, cultural diversity and the creative industries. In the course of its existence the österreichische kulturdokumentation has played a pioneering role in a number of research areas.
Research results are published as studies or research reports online and/or as printed versions.

Advice and Information

The österreichische kulturdokumentation deals with inquiries into culture and issues relevant to cultural policy and has established itself here as an international resource centre. The institute offers advice and information for cultural institutions, cultural-policy decision-makers, academics and students from Austria and abroad. The österreichische kulturdokumentation gives expert support in research work and provides resources as well as a work station.

In addition, an information network of research and cultural institutions in Austria, Europe and non-European countries which has been built up over the years facilitates the rapid and efficient provision of information.


The library of the österreichische kulturdokumentation documents a wide spectrum of cultural policy topics. Alongside specialist journals, it offers a large stock of "grey literature". Main topics of the documentation are Austrian, European and international cultural policies, public and private subsidies for culture and the arts, financing of culture, culture administration, cultural theory, development of culture, provision of culture, the cultural and creative industries, cultural diversity as well as branches of the arts, media, publishing, museums and cultural heritage.

EU Culture Documentation

The österreichische kulturdokumentation runs a special EU culture documentation on cultural policy in the European Union. Alongside the European Union activities, actions and programmes in the cultural and media sphere, European Union activities in the field of culture that lie outside the narrower responsibility of the DG for education and culture (for example, funds for culture through regional funds or the structural fund) are also documented by the österreichische kulturdokumentation.


The österreichische kulturdokumentation publishes reports, expert opinions, studies, collections of material and handbooks. These publications are mostly the result of its research activity and topically closely linked to the cultural policy field.

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