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26 Jun 2011

O Espaço do Tempo - Centre of Transdisciplinary Arts

O Espaco do Tempo is a trans-disciplinary arts organizations that supports various Portuguese and foreign contemporary performing artists. Its headquarters are located in a convent the Convento da Saudacao (Convent of Salutation), a national monastery from the 15th century based  in Montemor-o-Novo / Portugal, one of the poorest municipalities in Portugal. It considers that culture can have an important role in local development by opening new perspectives for local citizens, improving the quality of their daily life, facilitating diverse ways of looking and understanding the world and creating numerous opportunities for local employment and investments.

O Espaco do Tempo takes an active role in working and interacting with the local community by working with schools and collaborating with local associations and other organizations.

It is a unique arts organization in the field of contemporary performing arts in Portugal. Right from the start, its work has been focused on supporting artistic research and experimentation, providing a basis for the renewal and innovation of artistic languages. Its aim is to support artists in research, creation, production and presentation of their projects and we do so by providing these artists with working spaces, basic equipment, and various platforms for communication, exchange and presentation.

The studios and residential areas that the Convent have constitute the basis for the development of the project and today there are around thirty seven creative residences throughout the year, as well as numerous research projects and various events, all of them organized and based on the structural conditions we have to offer.