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05 Mar 2020

Nordic Culture Point - Nordisk Kulturkontakt

Nordic Culture Point (Nordisk Kulturkontakt) is an institution of the Nordic Council of Ministers which works to support Nordic co-operation within the area of culture and to increase awareness of Nordic culture in Finland. Our vision is that everyone should be able to participate in socio-cultural life on equal terms. 

Nordic Culture Point has three different elements – the management of funding programmes, a library, and cultural events. Our key target groups are: practitioners of art and culture in the Nordic and Baltic regions; Finns who are interested in culture and society; and Finnish schools, daycare centres, and universities.

We manage the Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding programmes for cultural co-operation. The funding programmes are categorised by target group. Some forms of funding are aimed solely at professional cultural practitioners, while others are designed to support broader projects that help to strengthen the Nordic dimension in both culture and society at large. Every year, almost EUR 5 million is granted via the funding programmes we manage.

Nordic Culture Point administers four grant programmes, which are divided into six different funding options. The programmes provide the opportunity to create culture, conduct projects and create meetings between artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and Baltic states.

The shared feature of all supported projects is that they have a strong Nordic dimension and are culturally innovative. There are grant programmes for children, young people and adults.

Grant programmes

The Culture and Art Programme supports Nordic cooperation within art and culture. You can apply for funding for a project with artistic and/or cultural quality which promotes a multifaceted and sustainable Nordic region.

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture is intended for the travel and stay of professional artists or cultural workers within Nordic and/or Baltic countries.

The Norden 0–30 grant programme supports children and young people’s own projects and wants to strengthen their organization, influence and participation in political, cultural and social activities.

Volt is a culture and language programme for children and young people. It aims to make young people interested in each other’s arts, culture and language.

Short-term and Long-term Network Funding programmes: network funding enables periods for cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and/or Baltic countries and areas.

Funding for Artist ResidenciesThis programme enables residential centres for artists in the Nordic/Baltic area, which should be able to receive professional artists and cultural workers.