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06 Sep 2010

Networking and Initiatives for Culture and the Arts (NICA)

Networking and Initiatives for Culture and the Arts (NICA) is a newly established art center aimed at contributing towards development in the fields of culture and the arts. It is located in Yangon, Myanmar and in its founding stage is being managed by IFIMA (International Forum for InterMedia Art), working directly with local and international artists, writers, educators and trainers to create a platform for mutual sharing and learning across various art disciplines. It will also offer training schemes and educational programmes to promote a well-rounded development of arts and cultural practices, focusing on aspects that will range from skill training, studio practice, theoretical studies, to curatorial writing and project management etc.

One of the primary initiatives of the art centre is to develop collaboration, networking and resource-sharing especially between Myanmar arts and cultural practitioners with those from the region, and also from other parts of the world. NICA welcomes interested parties to contact us about possible collaborations and participation in our programmes.

NICA will have these 4 main functions:

  1. To nurture artistic and cultural practices; through training and educational programmes, creative workshops, symposiums, seminars, talks, etc.

  2. To support the creative and intellectual impulse; through residency programmes, adoption of projects by Myanmar art practitioners etc.

  3. To act as a resource and networking centre; for local and international artists, art critics, curators and cultural workers for the purpose of networking, resource-sharing and resource development.

  4. To provide space and organizational support services for arts and cultural activities