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06 Sep 2010

Mohile Parikh Center (MPC)

The Mohile Parikh Center, Mumbai, founded in 1990, is an internationally renowned institution and one of the leading centers in India devoted to art and culture. Initially established as a center for the Visual Arts, it has for over twenty years offered a deeper kind of reflective learning in the arts and core areas of culture. It has been instrumental in shaping the quality of the conversation in the arts in India through a combination of theoretical perspectives and practical projects presented in a wide variety of formats ranging from international conferences, lectures, and public art initiatives to more intimate workshops and study groups.

In 1997, the MPC inaugurated the Architecture Forum to foster a spirit of inquiry and introspection among architects, students, and the community. It expanded its horizons in 2004 to form The Mohile Parikh Center for The Contemporary, a twin center committed to new ways of seeing and thinking in and through the arts. It has adopted an interdisciplinary approach using academia, architecture, cinema, and indigenous knowledge and traditions to explore contemporary culture in India.

In 2013, the activities of The Contemporary have shifted to the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture. Children & Culture is an educational initiative created in 2008 to reach out directly to disadvantaged communities. It aims to nurture creativity and experiential learning through art, design, performance, science, mathematics, and language. 

Pursuing its vision to stimulate thoughtful involvement in the world, the Center launched Campus, a lifelong learning venture with a wider focus on the social sciences and humanities. In 2009, it introduced interdisciplinary courses and a lecture series on the future of Asia.

In its third decade, the MPC has both deepened and expanded its offerings, collaborating with many local, national, and international organizations, as it strives to enable its local communities as well as its global participants to flourish as individuals and engage with the world at large in more discerning and insightful ways.

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