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12 Jul 2022

Mapping on culture, health and wellbeing initiatives

CultureForHealth has launched a new, free-to-use, large-scale and easily accessible directory of arts and health projects and programmes in Europe and around the world, which currently has more than 500 entries. 

The directory includes relevant policies, projects and programmes carried out at local, regional, national, European and international level. It serves as a learning tool for decision makers, practitioners and researchers interested in leveraging arts for public health and individual and community wellbeing.

The database can be seen as a map or a list. An advanced filter and search options allows searches based on target group, artistic discipline, country of implementation and keywords.

The mapping is an ongoing process, and more initiatives can be added through the “Share Your Project” feature.

CultureForHealth brings researchers, practitioners and policymakers together to generate knowledge, research and fieldwork in order to trigger cross-sectoral cooperation and policies that enhance well-being through culture. The initiative will also institute six pilot projects in Denmark, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia aiming at “management and treatment” of illnesses as well as “prevention and promotion” for a variety of life stages and age groups.

Take a browse through the directory here.

The project is funded by the European Commission.