20 Jul 2017

Makassar Biennale Foundation

Makassar Biennale (MB) is a biennial international arts scene. Makassar Biennale as cultural activities and forums for the implementation of a series of work programs in accordance with the discourse by holding exhibitions, seminars, symposium, discussions, to publications; as well as educational space in the widest sense by opening an apprenticeship programs for the youth; and a collaborative container for individuals and communities of Makassar Biennale networks.

The Makassar Biennale organized by Makassar Biennale Foundation, formed in 2016 by several individuals working in fine arts, ranging from academics and practitioners.

As a biennale that was held in Makassar, the main city in Eastern Indonesia, Makassar Biennale II 2017 will make the maritime world as its main landscape and discourse.


Yayasan Makassar Biennale

Jalan Abdullah Daeng Sirua 192 E, Makassar

Indonesia 90231

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